B&E Suspects Apprehended by Officer En Route to WorkAbout 4:09pm on yesterday officers from District 11 responded to Romsey St. and Saxton St. to assist an off duty officer. On arrival, officers spoke to the off-duty officer who had two possible breaking and entering suspects detained. The responding officers were informed that the off duty officer had heard a description of two suspects broadcast while en route to work and shortly thereafter observed two individuals matching the description in the same area.
Officers subsequently responded to the victim’s house and spoke to her. The victim reported that she initially heard someone trying to open her door, some male voices, and then the sound of someone moving a ladder she had on her garage roof. The victim then stated that she next heard the same voices outside her bathroom window, went there and observed one of the suspects cutting her bathroom screen to enter her house. The victim stated that the suspect was surprised when he saw her and immediately climbed down the ladder and fled with another male who was outside her house.
The two detained suspects were positively identified, and arrested. Suspect, Terrence McGhee, 23, of Dorchester and Howard Richards, 18, of Dorchester were both arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering and Possession of Burglarious Tools.
Assault Suspect Arrested After Breaking Victim’s Arm with Metal Pipe
Yesterday around 8:10pm officers from District responded to the area of Kemble St. and Gerard St. and placed suspect, George Reaves, 52, of Boston under arrest. It was reported to officers on 9/23/06 that the suspect assaulted the victim resulting in serious injuries. The victim only knew the suspect as “Country Outdoors.” The victim reported that the suspect assaulted him with a metal rod resulting in a broken arm and numerous bruises when he attempted to intercede on behalf of another man who was being assaulted by the suspect.
Officers went to the area reported by the victim as the result of an investigation and there had opportunity to speak with an individual who stated to officers “You guys know me, I’m Country Outdoors!” The suspect’s identity was confirmed and he was arrested and will be charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.
A Night of Partying Ends at the District Station Cell
At 2:15am today officers in the area of Lansdowne St. investigated the cause of a traffic obstruction as dozens of cars had come to a complete stop and started sounding their horn. Officers responded to the lead car and there observed am individual blocking the street, refusing to move. Officers asked the woman to leave but she refused, answering officers with a barrage of expletives. After numerous requests and refusals by this individual she was arrested. Suspect, Daurice H. Jones, 36, of Brockton was arrested and charged with being a Disorderly Person and Resisting Arrest.

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