Armed Suspect Arrested Outside Funeral

This afternoon at about 1:47pm, officers from District 4 were patrolling the area of 1855 Washington Street, in the South End, when they heard numerous gunshots in the area of Washington and Lenox Street. As the officers were heading to Washington and Lenox Streets, they observed two victims running from the scene in the middle of Washington Streets who were yelling to the officers that they were victims of a shooting. Both stated they were fired at, but not hit or injured.At the same time, an off duty Boston Police Officer assigned to District 2, attending a funeral at the Grant AME Church located at Washington and Newcomb Streets, also heard multiple gunshots fired in the area. The off duty officer observed Ian Hunter, 21, of Boston, wearing a dark sweatshirt, run from Washington Street to Newcomb Street. The suspect fled into a parking lot, stopped by a fence, and returned out to Newcomb Street. The suspect removed his sweatshirt and abandoned it in the doorway of 11 Newcomb Street. The suspect continued to run on Newcomb Street towards Thorndike with the officer in pursuit of him. The off duty officer was able to alert a cruiser who stopped Hunter and placed him under arrest. Another officer recovered a loaded firearm next to the fence inside the parking lot.
Ballistic evidence was recovered in front of 1888 Washington Street as well as ballistic damage found at that location. The suspect was transported to District 4 where he was booked and charged with two counts of Assault with Intent to Murder, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. He will be arraigned in the Roxbury District Court on Thursday morning.

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